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  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level violinists.
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  • Violin friendly tunes developing left hand fingering.
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We believe that learning the violin should be fun that is why we are committed to providing inspirational violin music for all abilities that is easily downloadable, affordable and funky!

Why Funkyviolins?

We believe that having fun when learning the violin is the key to developing as a musician. Inspiring all violinists, from all backgrounds and all levels of ability is at the heart of why we create our unique violin sheet music at Funkyviolins. Some violin books can be old fashioned and out of date. Classical music is great, but isn't it possible to learn the violin by playing other types of music too? Many violin tutor books frustrate you by focusing on technique at the expense of fun. We thrive on creating violin sheet music that’s affordable and enjoyable and funky! All of our songs have been developed with violin fingering and bowing patterns in mind to help develop the budding violinist. All our songs come with individual MP3 backing tracks to practise with. Our music is for all and we hope you enjoy playing and learning the violin with us.

Buying inspirational violin sheet music has never been easier, what Funkyviolins offers you is affordable, printable, fun and downloadable.

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Our violin music has been written by violinists for violinists.  We have beginners, intermediate and advance level music suitable for  all stages of development.  The tunes have been written with violin friendly fingering and bowing patterns to help with the development of left and right hand technique.

Check out our blog that offers violin practice tips and practical advice to help debunk some of the myths about how to effectively learn an instrument.  Our belief is learning the violin should be fun and for all we hope to motivate you into a confident performer and violin virtuoso.

Beginners Book 1

  • Late Nights
  • Long Gone
  • Rockin' All Over The Strings
  • On A Stroll
  • Two Steps
  • Minor Bing
  • If I Couldn't I Wouldn't

Beginners Book 1

Beginners Book 2

Beginners Book 2

  • Spider Walk
  • Finger Hugs
  • Bear On A G Swing
  • Soon Remembered
  • Where's My Car?
  • Jazz Hands
  • Slur It Up

Intermediates Book 1

  • Get Funky
  • I Can't Wait
  • Tonight
  • I Like To Drink Tea
  • Jumpin' The Stairs
  • Spring Spell
  • John's Ladder

Intermediates Book 1

Intermediates Book 2

Intermediates Book 2

  • Dub My Violin
  • Yes Please!
  • You Can't Lose When You Got The Blues
  • Hop Hip
  • Wirley Curley
  • Old 2nds
  • Sweet Shop Hop

Why Learn the Violin?

There is plenty of evidence that learning an instrument is good for you and can help a child's chance of going onto college or university, here's why -

Increase the capacity of your brain -  Research has shown that preschoolers who had weekly music lessons improved their spatial-temporal skills 34 percent more than the other children.

Develop time management and organizational skills - regular practise involves time management skills and making efficient use of time.

Perseverance - learning the violin takes time, effort and perseverance, skills that are invaluable in today's society.

Coordination - developing hand eye coordination is essential to learning the violin, not to mention reading music and rhythmic skills.

Improves concentration - playing solo or in a group requires 'in the moment' concentration and attention to detail.

Self expression - the greater you become as a player the more you can express yourself and is a great form of therapy!

Overcoming stage fright and communication skills - regular performing gets the student used to being in front of an audience.  This is invaluable experience particularly for those looking at going onto college or university.

Great fun and developing social skills!