Dave Brailsford and Team GB’s Olympic Tactics – How to Achieve Violin Playing Perfection


Last year was an inspirational summer of sport here in the UK with the amazing Olympics and Para Olympics staged in London.  One team that have been particularly impressive has been team GB’s cyclists lead by head coach Dave Brailsford.   Watching a recent interview with Dave Brailsford I was particularly struck by his philosophy towards…

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The 80 20 Pareto Rule and Learning Violin

80 - 20

I first came across the 80/20 rule after reading Tim Ferris’s awesome 4 Hour Work week.  Tim’s book immediately made an impression on me and my life and I’ve wanted to blog about it for a long time because I believe that it could have useful applications for any budding violinists.  When learning any violin…

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The various worlds of Bach’s Partita No.3


  This is an on going blog devoted to looking at different interpretations of the ‘mighty’ Bach Partita No.3 (prelude) and focusing on the particular techniques of the players.  You can learn so much about playing the violin just by watching others.  Our own and original ‘Funkyviolins’ violin sheet music comes with custom made mp3…

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Andrew Bird – Why – how much technique can go into 1 song!


    I find this really inspiring.  There is so much in this short track it’s almost impossible to blog about, it’s a real goldmine of different techniques and styles!  It’s always great to see a violinist at ease with his instrument and Andrew Bird has coolness in bucket loads.  Underneath his laid back approach…

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The Science of Learning the Violin

The Science of Learning an Instrument

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/jun/05/guitar-zero-adult-learning-neuroscience   This is a great article regarding the ‘science’ of learning an instrument (in this case the guitar but everything about it can be applied to the violin).   The science of learning and instrument really fascinates me because for a very long time I’d always assumed that some people were naturally just ‘gifted’ and…

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How To Memorize Music – and become the best player possible!

How to memorize music

A little while ago I was setting up with my Jazz Band (Hot Club Deluxe) and getting ready to play a small gig in the back of a pub. As we were setting up I was unfolding my music stand when the landlady noticed our guitarist didn’t have a music stand at all. Our guitarist…

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Informal Learning

amy w

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18858305 I’m always interested to hear how any musician came to learn their craft and I came across this short interview with the late (and in my opinion extremely talented) Amy Winehouse and was struck by how, when discussing how she learnt to sing, she was describing classic ‘informal learning’ practises.  She talks about listening,…

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